Get that horse supple!

Here are a few of my favourite exercises for getting your horse supple and stretching his back out. These exercises are what I use for both my showjumpers and can be done as a warm up in walk and trot for younger horses as the main focus of a flatwork session. Continue reading

Poulticing without the vets help

Recently my horse has put himself in the unfortunate situation of having to have his hoof poulticed every day. Unfortunately money cannot just be printed and having the vet come to do it is just unrealistic. I have found a very easy way of poulticing and wanted to share it. Continue reading

Sharing saddles: good or bad?

Most horse owners own a saddle too, naturally. The problem is when horse number two or three (or four if you’re that lucky) comes along and you’re faced with that time consuming hassle of trying to find a saddle that fits! Well sometimes one saddle can fit two horses but is this o.k to do? Continue reading